Wholesale Cannabis Vaping Devices Australia


Happy Skies are leading Australian distirbuters for premium Cannabis Vaping Devices brands, such as Arizer, Flowermate and Stroz & Bickel

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Wholesale Herb Vaporiser Australia

Happyrasta is proud to offer wholesale vaporizers of all sizes and styles from our Australian warehouse. We carry only high-quality genuine vaporizers over a broad range of prices. Whether you are looking for sleek portable vaporizers for on-the-go, or a powerful plug-in vaporizers for home use, Happyrasta has the options to suit any lifestyle


Vaping a better alternative?

Many find vaping can be a better alternative to smoking for a number of reasons – convenience, discretion, and flavour to name a few. You can enjoy herb fewer harmful particulates, more stealth, less smell, and less hassle.

 Featuring precision temperature control that allows you to zero in on an exact temp that’s ideal for your dry herb strain, these  devices give you unprecedented control over how you consume herbs and other materials. Whether you enjoy small flavorful hits, moderate tokes, or long mild draws – vaporizers give you complete command over your sessions.

The discreet nature of vaporizers also sets them apart from smoking methods. Whereas smoke hangs in the air, staining white curtains and blowing your cover, these clouds dissipate in seconds and do not leave lingering odors. You can enjoy herb in public without drawing attention to your session or upsetting people as cigarettes do. 


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