54mm 2pc GrindeROO Premium Grinder


GrindeROO 2pc Premium Biscuit Grinder.


54mm 2pc GrindeROO Premium Grinder


We spent four months developing our two-piece grinder and tried dozens of sample models before coming to the conclusion that these single chamber grinders just stick!

So we came up with a better solution. Why not give the herb a little more room to breathe?

This two-piece has a much wider distance between the teeth than most biscuit grinders you’ll come across. We also had the teeth custom fitted to be half the width of a normal grinders, meaning that this grinder will really shred not just tear and stick.

If you’re dealing with herb that’s properly dried you’re going to be able to crush it into a nice even chop with less than two rotations. Over-grinding can be an issue so always check your chop after a turn or two to ensure you’re not turning it to dust.

To counter any potential stickiness further down the line, we also came up with a simple maintenance method that involves a brush, a scrape, and a wipe. We felt that having a product that works for the long haul was essential and included the GrindeROO maintenance pack with every unit in our line free of charge.

Pretty cool right?

We believe happy customers are the best kind of customers you can have – and we love our customers.

Scoop up the GrindeROO Premium 2-Piece Biscuit Grinder and #crushitwiththeroo!


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