Crafty & Mighty Silicone Water Adapter


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Crafty, Crafty+ Mighty & Mighty+ Silicone Water Adapter


Designed to fit the Mighty and Crafty in place of the cooling unit. This adapter will work with both 14mm and 18mm female bubblers / waterpipes.
To use, simply unlock and remove the cooling unit from the device and attach the adapter. Twist adapter to lock into place.

NOTE! Locking threads are made from flexible rubber to ensure NO damage/strain on the plastic body of the device while in use.

Dosing Capsules are recommended to ensure no ABV spills in the event your adapter disengages from the threads! For best results, we have found twisting device clockwise while removing from glass ensures the adapter remains connected).

Adapters are safe to clean with any traditional glass cleaning methods including hot water and Isopropyl Alcoho

Also this adapter is compatible with the Vivant Alternate



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