Davinci Hydrotube

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Authentic Davinci IQ2 Accessories at Dry Herb Vaporizers Australia.

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Davinci Vaporizer Hydrotube Australia


This Hydrotube is made from high-strength borosilicate glass that cools and filters vapor. It fits any 10mm ground glass male joint.

Try a Hydrotrube on your DAVINCI IQ2, IQC or DAVINCI MIQRO today!

  • Device Dimensions: 1.39 in x 4.01 in
  • Exterior Build: Borosilicate Glass
  • Compatibility: Female 10 mm ground glass joint fits any male 10 mm ground glass joint
  • Water Volume: 1 tsp (minimum) – 3.25 (maximum); 1.5 tsp (recommended)
  • Features: Holds 6x more water than standard hydrotubes, providing maximum filtration; J-hole technology, elongates vapor path by 30%; Upper dome acts as a recycler, allowing for maximum vapor to water contact
  • Additional benefits: Spill resistant design; Unique sipping mouthpiece is more ergonomic, eliminates neck strain and increases sanitation





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