DHV Vaporizer Mouthpiece Matrix Bubbler Tool


Our Own In-House Design with Premium Sandblasted Graphics!!!


Keep you vape experience super cool with this awesome matrix bubbler tool. Connects with any 14mm male ground glass attachment adapter. The Bubbler Tool has a 14mm female ground glass joint, so it will work with standard glass adapters.

With our premium matrix bubblers the vapour is cool and satisfying, and has the added benefit of filtering your vape from any particles that can pass your vaporizer’s screes. A great solution for portable use, or at home!

Key Features:

  • provides substantial cooling and filtration to your favourite vaporizer
  • stands approximately 5″ tall
  • spill resistant (not spill proof) design helps to minimise mess
  • use with any vaporizer adapter that features a 14mm male joint
  • the piece feels substantial without being too bulky

How to fill the water bubbler:

The bubbler is very easy to fill – just fill your bubbler from the top with ample water. The water will automatically drain through the bottom and leave the desired water level behind and the bubbler ready to use.

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