XMax Starry 3 or 4 Dosing Capsules x5


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XMax Starry 3/4 Dosing Capsules 5pc


Starry Dosing Capsules by XMAX come in packs of five or can be purchased individually and are used for pre-packing dry herb material to vape with an XMAX Starry3 and Starry4 Dry Herb Vaporizers. XMAX Starry Dosing Capsules a small, stainless steel containers that you to fill with dry herb material, then slot them in either the Starry 3.0 or 4 oven/chamber instead of filling the chamber itself (which may keep the vaporizer’s chamber and filters cleaner).

*Comes with metal storage tube to carry the capsules in

You can pre-fill all your stainless steel Starry Dosing Capsules to load and dry herb vape faster. The awesome thing is that these dosing capsules are reusable – just clean, re-fill and keep vaping with them.

You’ll get the same dry herb vaping experience when using dosing capsules or filling the vapouriser’s bowl itself since dosing capsules’ lids and bottoms have small holes to ensure good airflow.


  • Manufacturer: XMAX
  • Stainless steel capsules
  • Clean and reuse
  • Fit inside filling chamber
  • Maintain good airflow
  • Original Equipment from the Manufacturer (OEM)

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