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Zenco Duo Wood


*designed primarily for use with Concentrates

The Zenco Duo is a high-quality Vapor Cup innovation that can create heavy sippable vapor using a variety of extracts. The unit features a triple glass heating element right out of the box, which is great at vaporizing your solid wax. This unit is also compatible with 510 threaded. Similar to other Vapor Cups, it shares the 2-part base and glass system design but with a noticeable difference in external material quality when compared to lower-priced Vapor Cups. The Zenco Duo features a whopping 2200 mAh battery, which is relatively high for this category, and is very convenient for users that enjoy slower-paced or longer sessions.

A pair of glasses are included – so you can share. Automatic filling, instant heat-up, and dishwasher safe glass.


The Duo features a 1 touch button control system similar to other Vapor Cups. This button powers the unit on or off, cycles between temperature settings, and engages the auto fan feature that powers the heating element for 30 seconds. To turn the fan on, simply touch the button twice in rapid succession. The Zenco Duo also features an Auto-Off function that will automatically shut off your device after a few minutes of idle time. The exact time is not disclosed by Zenco but is useful if you forget to turn your device off after finishing the session. The Duo’s 2200 mAh battery is enough for a few days of consistent sessions. When you do run low on battery, a quick charge is all it takes since this Vapor Cup comes with a USB-C type connection which is today’s standard on most electronic devices.


The Zenco Duo features a very enjoyable design with attention to detail in its build and overall functionality. The LED is placed as an outer ring of the touch button, making it easy to find and also identify when the Vapor Cup is idle. The Glass Cup design provides a great place for your vapor to sit in. The hole on the top is the only place vapor can escape from, as opposed to a Vapor Hydrator Cup, which features an extra hole on the side where vapor tends to escape from.


Dense vapor is an incredibly important requirement of a good Vapor Cup. The thicker the vapor, the easier it is for it to stay at the bottom of your cup. Then you can gradually sip on it while you are hanging out with friends, watching TV, or playing a game. The Zenco Duo offers dense and pleasant vapor that, in conjunction with the curved glass cup design, provides the aesthetic beauty that makes this device so enjoyable. Available voltage settings:


Desktops offer a different way to consume your vapour in comparison to handheld devices. Desktops, as the name suggests are usually not considered portable, but I would like to challenge that belief as I move my Volcano around constantly and even took it to a hotel once (shout out to the Langham). As the Zenco Duo is even smaller in size I would say you could easily move it about just be careful with the glass.

The Duo is a 510 threaded compatible vaporiser. This means that you attach either a 510 threaded cartridge or use on of the provided vapour coils to load up some concentrate/wax. Thread/unthread each as needed.

2 Glass Cups are provided in this kit, these glasses sit upon the very top and they fill with vapour. Each glass has a wide and round mouthpiece enabling you to “sip” the vapour straight out of the glass. This is a unique (and freaking cool!) feature that allows you to share your sessions. Extra glasses can also be purchased for those that really like to go large. That’s a dinner party that I want an invite to!

Beneath the glass (both easily separate) is the base that provides all the power. There is a rechargeable (USB-c) 2200mAh battery inside. 4 heat settings are provided, and each are easily accessed via a simple tap of the haptic (vibration) power button. Heating time is pretty much instantaneous, and filling starts fast.

  • 2.5V (Yellow)
  • 3.0V (Blue)
  • 3.5V (Green)
  • 4.0V (Red)

Each voltage is denoted via a different colour and 3 taps changes them. Once powered on (5 taps) the glass will fill quite fast. Thick vapour will instantly appear and if you are anything like me you will be mesmerised! There is a thick silicone diffuser that connects the glass and the base once assembled.

The Zenco Duo is an easy-to-use desktop vaporiser that is easy to clean/maintain and is visually quite spectacular IMHO. 510 threaded cartridges can be used or thread a vapour coil on and happily vape your concentrates. Expect clean and smooth vapour whilst you sip away.


  • X1 Zenco Duo (Onyx in colour)
  • X2 Glasses
  • X2 Vapour Coils
  • X1 USB-c Charger
  • Removable Food-Grade Silicone Diffuser
  • X1 Loading Tool
  • X1 Cleaning brush


  • Automatic filling
  • Instant heat up
  • Dishwasher safe glass
  • 510 threaded compatible
  • Attach a cartridge
  • Or use the included wax vapour coils (510 threaded)
  • 4 heat settings
  • Haptic vibration power button
  • 2200mAh battery
  • Type-c charger
  • 1-year limited warranty


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