63mm 4pc Grinderoo Grinder

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63mm 4pc Grinderoo Grinder

One of the first Aussie-designed grinders to hit the market, the GrindeROO was created with the herb connoisseur in mind and features optimized zinc ion and stainless steel teeth that shred your herb to the perfect size for consumption!

If you’re on the lookout for an awesome herb grinder, the GrindeROO 4-Piece 63mm Herb Grinder is going to leave you feeling super impressed!

Whereas most grinders come with a minute micron screen for pollen collection, the ROO has a slightly wider screen which is absolutely awesome for collecting your dusties!

In the past with other grinders, you’ve likely experienced sticky lid, where your teeth become too stuck together to crush even the crispiest herb. The GrindeROO’s stick-free stainless steel teeth and ergonomic top-and-bottom design mean you’ll be crushing your herbs for years to come.

Grab yourself a GrindeROO and get grinding today!


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